The concept of Polarised Light Microscopy

An illustration I made for my most recent exhibition at TUDublin, depicting the physical theory behind polarised light microscopy.

Concept illustrations for The Centre for Engineering & Industrial Optics at TUDublin

Undergraduate experiments from the senior laboratory in the School of Physics at TUDublin

Apparatus for the quantum mechanical Berries Phase experiment. A plane polarised light beam is focus into a single mode fiber wound in a helix. The polarisation of the light emerging from the output is measured and its intensity quantified with a photodiode detector.

Apparatus for Polarisation of Light experiment. Plane polarised light is directed into a birefringent sample and the angle of optical rotation is measured with a second polariser called an analyser.

An ellipsometer is used to measure the state of polarisation of light reflected from the surface of a material through an angular sweep.