About Me

Hi! I'm Karl, a scientific photographic artist from Dublin. Having undertook university degrees in physics, life sciences and microscopy I combine my love for science, nature and photography by creating photographic art from chemicals and collections from the natural world.

A fusion of art and science, my chemical work reveals works of art that manifests during the self-organisation of molecules during crystallisation. The photographs reveal an order in the crystals that can only be revealed through polarisation microscopy.

"Nature is the artist, I am just her photographer. I supply her with the ingredients and she weaves them together into the most wonderful forms. We try to understand how she does this through the language of Science, thus, I call this facet of my work, “The Art of Physics & Chemistry”.

The chemical artwork is made in the laboratory and involves the experimental synthesis of chemicals and subsequent crystallisation methods of them in order to photograph using photomicrographic techniques.

One of the things that inspires me to create chemical art work is the occasional thrilling discovery of a pattern that I have never seen before. Looking through the binoculars of the microscope, you witness before your eyes, the sporadic unfolding crystalising formations, in an otherwise transparent soup of chemicals. Sometimes, the formations that evolve are visually stunning, resembling forests, knotted vines, colourful flower gardens or complicated geometrical organisations. It really blows your mind! On witnessing such events, it’s easy to recognise how nature is written in the language of physics and mathematics – these crystalline formations are beautiful examples of thermodynamics in action whilst their constitutes are governed by the erratic symphonies of quantum mechanics!

Wall Art & Commercial Licensing

I can do many different kinds of commissions made to award-winning caliber, for example, product photography such as alcohols and pharmaceuticals, covers for books and general microscopy imagery for publications.

If you are interested in buying a print of any size, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can view a selection of my chemical art works on the 'Artworks' page. The artworks are created by crystallising chemicals and photographing them using the microscope. The photographs are printed to the highest quality with the option of a white or black background.

I also accept commissions for larger custom artworks if you have something specific in mind. For more information, you can contact me through the contact form.

Micrograph of Amino acids on the cover of Microscopy and Analysis magazine.

Chemical micrograph artwork of salicin on the cover of the Canadian Journal of Chemistry.

An old chemical artwork of vitamin-c on the cover of Oxford Human Nutrition.

Recent Chemical Artworks

My prints are made to the highest quality on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® and can be made to various sizes with either a white or black border. The black is quite delicate so requires fragility when handling, but does make the colours appear more vibrant on the page. Should you wish to purchase a print, please contact me for print size availability and corresponding price.

Images displayed here in low resolution for web display.

Calendar for 2023

I am planning to publish a calendar for 2023 with my chemical artworks, 20 x 20cm in size. If you would like to buy one please feel free to contact me.